The White Factory

Thursday 14 September 7.15pm - Saturday 4 November 7.15pm

Spanning several decades, The White Factory explores the life of Yosef Kaufman, a Holocaust survivor from Łódz, haunted by his wartime experiences as he tries to build a future with his new family in 1960s Brooklyn.

This is the world premiere of a daring collaboration between Ukrainian, Russian and British creatives, led by writer Dmitry Glukhovsky, author of the bestselling Metro 2033 franchise, and visionary theatre director Maxim Didenko – both of whom are political exiles and vehemently outspoken critics of the war against Ukraine.

This heart-rending drama of love, endurance, despair and hope follows one man’s journey from the Łódz ghetto of 1940s Poland to sixties America, where the possibility of a new life is tested to the limit by the remnants of his past.

Tickets from £20