We are not Separate

Saturday 6 May 9am - 11am
Perceiving and working with subtle energies in nature
5 weekly online/offline meetings beginning

Through a series of simple meditation and movement exercises, we will learn ways to perceive the subtle and often unnoticed energies that live in the world around us. With continued practice, these inspiring introductory exercises can help us feel more in tune with the phenomena of nature, leading to more empathic ways of connection. Using a unique blend of online meetings, individual exercises in nature, and shared internet-free meditative spaces we will create a warm and supportive group experience, which can nurture the unfolding of our perceptive faculties.

52-hour Zoom meetings including: meditation and nature connection exercises, eurythmy-inspired movement, space for sharing / questions (consecutive Saturdays 9.00am – 11.00am from 6th May)

  • 5 individual walking exercises in nature (between meetings)
  • 5 background reading texts from different streams of nature connection
  • 5 optional short group meditations offline, remotely from our own homes (between meetings)

Apart from a deposit of £25, the course is donation-based, with a suggestion of £75.

To create a helpful shared space numbers are limited to around 12

For more information see: www.michaelfullergardens.co.uk/workshops , for bookings contact Michael Fuller at michaelfuller5@icloud.com / 07952 751029