Wisdom of the Bees

With Christian Gruetzmacher

Thursday 13 June 7.30pm - 9pm

An exploration into the evolution of Honey Bee Culture from Adam and Eve to now and beyond. In ancient cultures Bees were venerated as messengers of the gods, and the Egyptians sacrificed large quantities of bee products from their large scale beekeeping in rituals but also used it in medicine and for mummifying. Now we dissect them and analyse them under the microscope and excel at the art of manipulative beekeeping. Is Honey Bee Culture throughout the ages mirroring the evolution of consciousness? And what will we do next?

Christian has lived with Honey Bees since 2006. His journey took him along various alternative and some conventional beekeeping experiences. He has focused on teaching about, designing, building and setting up hives and public gardens for Honey Bees. At Oakbrook Farm Stroud he currently develops a public Bee-Observatory (bee-observatory.org).

Contribution at the door: £10 (£8 students)