Working with Nature Spirits to Transform Ourselves and the Earth

Thursday 2 June 7.30pm - 9pm

with Karsten Massei

Nature spirits, also known as elementals, pervade the whole of nature, both creating and maintaining it. They are very aware of humanity and a potential future where we work together, however humanity is largely unaware of them and often unconsciously mistreats them. Karsten will show how we can start to enter into a conscious and beneficial alliance with the beings of Nature for our mutual development and a healthy future for our planet. Karsten will be speaking again on the same topic at Emerson College on Friday 3rd June followed by a weekend workshop, please see for full details.

He was born in Berlin in 1963 and has worked as a curative educator in Switzerland for the last 30 years. Karsten developed his clairvoyance through spending time with medicinal herbs in their natural environment, and has written six books on Nature Spirits, including The School of the Elemental Beings which has been translated into English. He was a keynote speaker at the Nature Spirits and Humans conference in 2019 and gave a workshop in the Weleda herbal medicine garden.

£10 (£7 students with ID) pay on the door, no cards.

For enquiries contact Alex Wright 01342 827967