Vidar, Christ and the Three Elemental Realms

Thursday 13 October 7.30pm - 9pm

Lecture by Are Thoresen

For much of his life Are has been able to see the etheric world, but his experience of it deepened considerably during his recovery from covid, revealing different levels with Thresholds and Guardians. The deepest level is the outer etheric world with its guardian Vidar, here the etheric Christ can be found.

Rudolf Steiner described Vidar as the being tasked with bringing the understanding of Christ into the world. This he has been doing, and much more, during months of tuition of Are.

In this lecture Are will reveal teachings received since the publication of his latest book, ‘Travels on the Northern Path of Initiation’.

Are Thoresen is a Norwegian doctor of veterinary medicine and acupuncturist. He has a private holistic practice for the healing of small animals, horses and people. He is also the author of six books published by Temple Lodge and Clairview.

This talk will be repeated on Friday 14th October at Emerson College, and then followed by a weekend workshop, please see for full details.

£10 cash on the door.

For further information please contact Glenn Charles: 07554 000 280.