Celebration of ‘The Light of the Animal Kingdom’ - via Zoom 

Monday 21 December 6pm - 8pm
To celebrate ‘The Light of the Animal Kingdom,’ on the Winter Solstice. 

At 6pm GMT on Monday 21st of December 2020 there will be a Zoom broadcast entitled, "A Celebration of The Light of the Animal Kingdom". The purpose of this event is to provide a global sharing of Wisdom and Understanding, and will feature a selection of speakers from around the world who feel a strong connection with the Sanctity of All Life. We recognise that Humanity is but one part of the Greater Being of our beautiful planet Earth. However, as a result of our narrow-sighted views and abuse of the natural world, we have lost our connection with the Sacred Spirit of the Animal Kingdom and the Holy Heart of our Earthly Mother. The Light of the Animal Kingdom is an active growing movement, and at this pivotal time in the history of our planet we wish to bring people together in the Spirit of Universal Love and Friendship, and to enter into an open sharing of knowledge and a vision of a better world.

This very special free Zoom webinar event will feature guest speakers:

Guest Speaker: Pippa Roger 

Pippa, who spoke in the Light of the Animal Kingdom event in June, is the International Director for Communications for World Animal  Protection Founded in 1959, and now with offices all over the world, their mission is to create a better world for animals by ending needless suffering.

Guest Speaker: TeRangimarie Carter

TeRangimarie Carter is of Maori and Native American  ancestry.  She is a Spiritual Elder and Co-Director of Manu Wairua Retreatwith her husband Rob Carter, who is also of Native American descent. Together they run Ceremonial Dances, the Sweat Lodge, and are ceremonial drum makers. She is a Reiki and Seikem Master Teacher and Huna Bodywork Therapist.

Guest Speaker: Patti Brown-Wolf

Patt is a Native American Elder who currently lives in St. Johns, Arizona.  Her tribal roots are San Ildefonso Pueblo, near Santa Fe in New Mexico . She was raised on the Wind River, Riverton, Wyoming, among the Arapaho and Shoshone bands. She was a lecturer in Native American Studies and travelled widely across the United States.

Guest Speaker: Earl Charters

Earl is a Native Canadian Hoop Dancer. As veteran with the Canadian Forces, he served in Afghanistan and in a humanitarian mission in Rwanda, caring for refugees of the genocide and  similarly in Bosnia. His desire to learn Native dance was fulfilled while posted in Calgary from 1994 to 1997. There he came under the influence of the Starlight family of the Starlight reserve who taught him to dance.

Guest Speakers: Joe & Elaine Duffy 

Joe and Elaine run the charity Holly’s Horse Haven, an Equine rescue charity founded in 2004 and based in Omeath, County Louth, Ireland. With currently over three hundred rescue horses and ponies in their care, they also run therapeutic workshops for people with special needs.

Guest Speaker: James Fearnley          

James founded ARC (Apiceutical Research Centre) and organised the first international conference on Apiceutical Medicine. He is the author of Bee Propolis - Natural Healing from the Hive, Souvenir Press 2001.  James has earned worldwide renown for his work and is a strong spokesperson for what the spirit of the bees want to convey to humanity at this time.

Guest Speaker: Barry Down 

Barry is an Astrologer with a background in the Western Spiritual Tradition that has its foundation in Qabalah.  He was born In England of Hungarian descent and emigrated  to New Zealand in 2001, drawn by the spiritual essence of the land. As a sculptor, Barry works in Clay & Bronze and was involved in the construction of the Whales in the New Zealand  film ‘the Whale Rider.’ Through it’s narrative and soundscape the film highlights the Maori Spiritual connection with both the Whales and the Ocean.

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