How Can I Become a Truly Creative Performing Artist?

Sunday 22 May 11am - 6pm

with Sarah Kane and Anna Barkan

Starting in October 2021, and concluding in July 2022, this is a part-time artistic exploration of Michael Chekhov’s approach to acting and theatre for actors/performers over nine individual days. It takes place monthly on Sundays, 11 am - 6 pm. The nine sessions introduce participants to the strongly creative and imaginative techniques developed by Russian actor Michael Chekhov in the last century, their purpose to inspire and empower actors for their work. They have been growing in popularity in the UK since the 1990s. Themes addressed include atmospheres, psychological gesture and creating character.

It is possible to participate in one workshop to get to know the approach. To acquire an overview, it is recommended to join the whole sequence of Sundays.
Workshop fees:
1 workshop £45
3 workshops £120
9 workshops £270

Concessions are available, please apply!

Sarah Kane has been exploring and applying Chekhov’s approach to theatre and acting since the start of her professional career. She is the co-founder of the Michael Chekhov Centre UK, now Michael Chekhov UK, and of MICHA USA.

Anna Barkan is a professional actor and director from Russia who has been researching and practising Chekhov’s technique for some time.

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