Living with the Deceased

Thursday 19 September 7.30pm - 9pm

Lecture by Thomas Mayer­

We all live together with the deceased. The souls who are in spiritual regions support us from within with strength, love, trust and inspiration. The more we open ourselves to them and reciprocate their friendship, the better they can do this. Thomas Mayer has been in conscious contact with many deceased people for over 20 years and will talk about this in his lecture.

He will also describe how the normal after-death path leads to the next incarnation. Nowadays however, many souls can no longer find their way into the light, spiritual world, and end up in dead ends, in entangled unhealthy states. In their distress, they then occupy other people, siphon off energy, and cause spiritual, mental and physical difficulties and social strife. Thomas Mayer has been helping such deceased people to overcome their obstacles for many years and has observed that energy blockages in places and houses, or depression, panic, fears or deep grief in a possessed person, have been released as a result. Such connections have so far been underestimated in the public consciousness. Conversely, the incidence of mental illness is increasing rapidly. The good news is that we are not at the mercy of this. It is possible to help affected people and the deceased.

Thomas Mayer is a Meditation teacher, civil rights activist, and author of ‘Answering the Call of the Elementals’ published by Findhorn Press, ‘Overcoming Fear - Exercises for Spiritual Self-Defense’ and ‘Covid Vaccines from a Spiritual Perspective’.

£15 cash on the door.

For further information please call Alex Wright on 01342 827967

Thomas will be leading a workshop on Anthroposophical Meditation, as well as outdoor exercises to contact elementals and exercises to connect to the deceased, at Emerson College from 7pm Friday 20th September to 12.30pm Sunday 22nd September.

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