Negative Entities in Machines and Technology

Thursday 5 March 7.30pm - 9pm
with Are Thoresen

Many people have a relationship with the technology they use, to the extent that they may feel that their car or computer has some degree of personality. Are Thoresen maintains that this perception may not be fanciful but reflects a hidden reality. He will describe the presence of entities within machines and technology which are susceptible to negative spiritual influences and how they can be positively transformed. This talk will be followed by a practical workshop on 7th & 8th March at Emerson College,

Are is a Norwegian vet and acupuncturist with significant clairvoyant capacity and spiritual experience. He runs an independent holistic healing practice and is the author of Demons and Healing and Translocation.

All welcome, no need to book. Tickets £10 (£7 students)

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