Rudolf Steiner’s lectures in Britain 1922

Wednesday 6 April 6.45pm - 8.15pm

with David Lowe

For some years we have followed the lectures Rudolf Steiner gave 100 years ago. This year brings us to 1922 when Rudolf Steiner made several visits to Britain and gave several lectures. We shall be following these throughout the year. We shall Include for comparison two lectures on similar themes that Rudolf Steiner gave in London in 1913. The titles of the lectures which will form the basis of our reading and conversation are:

  • Occult Science and Occult Development.
    Here, Steiner talks about the Akashic
  • Christ at the time of the Mystery of
    Golgotha and Christ in the 20th Century
  • Knowledge and Initiation.
  • Knowledge of the Christ through
  • The Threefold Sun and the Risen Christ.

For the first two sessions we will follow up the group’s Holy Nights contribution with a lecture focusing on the karmic connections of the painter, Raphael.

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