Sounding the Silence - Moving Voice and Speaking Body

Saturday 3 December 10am - 4pm

with Geoff Norris

This introductory workshop in Steiner Creative Speech will explore the mechanics and dynamics of the spoken word leading to a more integrated and grounded use of the creative power of speech. Starting from movement and gesture we will explore the spheres of presence and delivery, looking at qualities of breath, gesture, musicality, rhythm, intonation, phrasing, and emphasis, leading to a relaxed, imagination-filled power of expression.

The workshop is open to all who have an interest in strengthening their powers of
communication, but especially those who are involved in the performing arts, as well as poets, teachers, and lecturers. All participants need to learn a short text in their mother tongue (monologue, poem or descriptive passage/story of 2-5 min in duration), be prepared to dive playfully into the creative dance of language and be open to experiencing the grandeur and power of inspiration.

Geoff Norris is an actor, director, storyteller, speech, drama and movement teacher with over 46 years of experience both teaching and performing. He is a master teacher of “Steiner Creative Speech” and has given many workshops worldwide, integrating the approaches of Rudolf Steiner, Michael Chekhov, Viola Spolin, Wilton Cole, and others, including his own, to a wide variety of participants, actors, singers, dancers, teachers, therapists, students and interested lay people.

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‘By bringing a spiritual core element to the work, Geoff Norris has pioneered an efficient and very effective system of training and exploration for actors; regardless of their background or acting experience. He embodies and ably demonstrates the principles of energy and how to bring this into the voice and the body. Fusing his origins in Eurythmy and operating from a spiritual foundation Geoff has created a truly unique and dynamic form of training for the modern actor. I always come away enriched and enlightened from Geoff”s classes and have found it works across the board in many forms of acting from TV to Film, and also theatre’.
Oliver Gatz, Actor, Bristol Old Vic.

£45 full /£35 concession