The 3 Parts of the Human Spirit

Thursday 1 October 7.30pm - 9pm
With Inessa Burdich

This talk is mainly focussed on the spiritual worlds and the human spiritual constitution. Our developed higher spiritual structure consists of 3 parts - Spirit Self (Manas), Life Spirit (Buddhi) and Spirit Man (Atman). We develop these over multiple lifetimes and they remain active in the spiritual worlds between incarnations. They also give us an orientation towards other souls in a process of spiritual-community building. Inessa will be giving a 4 weekend course on Research in Spiritual Science at Emerson College, starting 11th December 2020. science

Inessa graduated as a physicist and then spent 20 years in an international business career. She has been an active meditator for over 30 years and is a professional supersensible researcher specialising in diagnosing the spiritual components of cancer, psychosomatic illnesses, vaccination, addiction and autistic spectrum disorder.

Contribution: £10 (£7 students) pay on the door, no card payment.