The Actor’s Creative Process - The Foundations of Michael Chekhov’s Approach to Acting and Performance

Sunday 19 May 10am - 5pm

A sequence of one-day workshops running from September 2023 – June 2024

with Sarah Kane

The one-day workshops planned for weekends at Rudolf Steiner House in 2023 and 2024 aim to provide an overview over the core elements of Michael Chekhov’s acting technique that he continued to develop throughout his life.  They range from the very beginnings of any serious artistic research and exploration to the finer points of developing a stage life and creating character, including the character’s psychological gesture.

The workshops aim to introduce participants to or deepen their understanding of the strongly creative and highly artistic techniques developed by the Russian actor in the middle of the twentieth century. They also aim to inspire and empower actors for their future work.

What is Chekhov’s Imaginary Body?

This will a day of engaging with the imagination to transform our own physical bodies and clothing to create character/characters: every transformation of our own body, however small, can become the source of a new character, with his or her own habits, behaviour, thinking, likes and dislikes, etc.

As usual, please bring clothing and footwear suitable for movement, as well as a short text that a character might speak. it will be helpful to know this text by heart.

A new sequence of Chekhov workshops will be starting in the autumn of 2024.

Workshop Fee: £55 per individual day; £150.00 for three workshops.

Please book in advance: or in person on the day.