The Art of Acting: The Chekhov Technique

Saturday 22 April 10am - 5pm

with Sarah Kane

Developing Character II

The first workshop will offer you the opportunity to get to know one of Chekhov’s tools and to engage the imagination in the creative process; this one will explore the other. The imagination will be at the heart of this workshop, and we will discover how it can encourage our creative selves to become bolder and more colourful without losing our sense of truth. You are warmly invited to join this workshop and develop a myriad of characters!

Sarah Kane studied Steiner’s approach to speaking, then Chekhov’s approach to acting with many of his original students in the 1980s. She now integrates them in her teaching, directing and performing, which happens all over the world. Currently, Sarah is senior lecturer for voice and speech at Staffordshire University.

Price: £45/£35 conc. per workshop. Four workshops £150/£115
Please book by phone 020 7723 7984, online or in person at the Box Office or Bookshop.