The Beauty of Movement

Saturday 17 July 8.30am - 8pm

All day exhibition in Foyer and evening workshop 6pm – 8pm

Anthroposophy and Yoga - Can Yoga be useful for Anthroposophy?

To accompany a one-day exhibition: The Beauty of Movement

An introductory talk and practical workshop about the three-fold structure of the soul in relation to a Yoga exercise.

‘The three-fold structure, a theme in Rudolf Steiner’s social organism, can find practical application out of physical exercise in New Yoga Will, within the process of shaping consciousness and artistic endeavour.’ (Heinz Grill, 2020)

Flora Duley is an artist and long-term student of the spiritual researcher, Heinz Grill. She is an Arts Tutor and Educator and has a professional Yoga Teacher qualification. After teaching yoga for fifteen years she has developed a new practice of Soul Exercise in Art.

Donations welcomed.

For further information, contact Flora Duley: or 07527 453710