The Challenge of Our Times - Technology’s Role in Human Evolution in the Light of Spiritual Science

Friday 15 March 7pm - Sunday 17 March 3.45pm

A weekend workshop with Andrew Linnell, Are Thoresen & Theodor Hundhammer

Friday 15 - Sunday 17 March
Friday, 7pm - evening lectures + Q&A
Saturday, 10am-1pm & 2.30-5.30pm workshops, 7pm evening lectures + Q&A
Sunday, 10am - 3.45pm workshop

Throughout Rudolf Steiner’s years of lecturing, he warned about the dangers as well as the necessary role of technology in our evolution. In his last Letters to Members, he explained how evolution has brought us to a mastery of the physical, of Nature, but also of how technology will pull us down into a new realm, the realm of sub-nature. This is unavoidable and throughout his lectures where he discusses the dangers of technology, Steiner also offered us counterbalances. To balance our exposure to sub-nature, we must learn to consciously enter the realms of super-nature (the etheric and astral realms). Eurythmy, a movement artform first developed by Rudolf Steiner, will be shown to be an important counterbalancing activity, among others.
This conference is created by MysTech, a non-profit organization based in Seattle, USA. MysTech seeks to advance humanity’s moral cultivation of technology through Spiritual Science. It is devoted to cultivating a relationship between humanity and machine that will be healthy and helpful for future evolution.


Single lecture (Friday or Saturday evening): £10
Half day: £25
Full Day Pass (Saturday full pass or Sunday full pass): £50
Full Pass (Friday evening, all Saturday, Sunday morning): £75

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