The Merging of Human and Machine: Heartfelt Thinking and Artificial Intelligence

Saturday 14 October 10am - 5pm


The Merging of Human and Machine:Heartfelt Thinking andArtificial Intelligence

A day devoted to talks and interactive discussions on the topic of AI

Rudolf Steiner’s Views on AI and the Future Evolution of Humanity
Talk by Andreas Neider
The day will start with an overview of Rudolf Steiner’s view on artificial intelligence (in a broader sense) and a discussion of the future evolution of humanity aided by the development of new moral technology. Andreas Neider aims to show how a different view of technology, not only as a kind of destruction, but also in a new way, as a kind of moral technique, could be a solution for the future of mankind on Earth.
Technosophy: Meeting that Digital Realm in a More Conscious Way

Interactive conversation
Led by Paul Levy
How do we stay awake in the digital realm? Is that even possible? In this interactive conversation, writer and technosopher Paul Levy explores how the rise of digital technology challenges and compromises our very freedom and consciousness. What specific challenge and opportunity does the digital world of artificial intelligence and robotics bring to human beings? What will be the consequence of merging with machines? What will be the consequence for humanity as a whole if we turn our backs on the digital world completely? What are we being invited to engage with and how do we do that in the most fruitful way?

I Give You My Word
Talk by Paul Breslaw
What is it that makes language a human activity? And why AI chatbots are to language what a Big Mac is to food.

From the Sunset of Technology to the Dawn of Technosophy
Talk, discussion, plus artistic performances during the course of the event by Patrick Dixon
The sunset of technology will come when human consciousness perceives the activity of forces at present imperceptible to the human being and the instruments of magnification they are using. Technosophie will then dawn bringing a completely new way of working with Nature, out of Supernature and transforming Subnature.

Patrick Dixon trained at RADA and is an actor, writer, poet and performer. He lives in London and gives frequent lectures, seminars and one-man shows.

Paul Breslaw studied experimental cognitive psychology, and later AI as a postgraduate. He worked as a software engineer in academia, telecommunications, precision engineering, financial research, and other fields. Now retired, but still an active lifelong student of Rudolf Steiner.

Paul Levy is a senior lecturer and researcher at the University of Brighton and an associate of Warwick Business School. He is the author of several books including Digital Inferno and the Poetry of Change. Paul is currently researching morality and knowledge in the field of artificial intelligence.

Andreas Neider is the author of numerous publications on the Covid pandemic, anthroposophy, spirituality, meditation, the criticism of digitalisation and media education. He has been giving lectures and seminars on these topics for many years.

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