What is Michael waiting for from us?* - On Zoom

Friday 5 February 7.30pm - 9pm
With Andrew Wolpert

Our very humanity is threatened by the conditions we have created, and people are reacting in different ways to what seems to lie in store for us. It is not how we react to this crisis that will be spiritually significant, or even effective on earth. It is how we act out of an intuitive sense of what a very different kind of future can be. To react is to enter the arena set by the adversary. In that arena we also fight each other often more energetically than countering what is our common adversary. There is a different dimension from which we can together envision and also enable a future that consecrates our becoming human, an aim that we  may feel united in for Michael.

Andrew Wolpert has been giving courses, seminars and lectures on various aspects of anthroposophy in Britain, Europe, Australia and Asia.

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*Due to popular demand, this talk is being repeated.