Finding Real Love in a Conscious Relationship - Cancelled

Saturday 15 January 1pm - 4pm

with Neil French

It’s estimated that 50% of couples are unhappy in their relationship. Divorce rates are rising. Why is it so difficult to find the love that we seek?

From an early age we are told that love is a wonderful blissful feeling filled with romance, affection, comfort, security and more.

Our society and culture reinforces this idea of love and so we go out in search of the person who can fulfil our needs. This idea of ‘Romantic Love’ however often disappoints us.

Becoming more conscious of our habitual patterns allows us to create deeper and more
authentic loving relationships with ourself and others.

Join us on January 15th as we explore, in the first of a series of experiential workshops, what ‘True Love’ is and where it can be found.

Neil French is a Clinical Psychologist with over 30 years’ experience in the NHS and private

Fee per workshop: £10

In person and Livestream options available.

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