The White Winds of the World

An evening performance by students of Eurythmy from Dornach, Switzerland

Monday 30 September 12am - 11.59pm
With Aeri Lee, Elizabeth Davison, Isabel Chiaravalloti, Maria Radyushina and Raphael Seefried

We, the students of the graduating course at the Eurythmy School in Duggingen by Dornach, Switzerland (Eurythmeum CH) have come together like winds from different corners of the world. We are from South Korea, Scotland, Italy, Russia, Germany. Although each one of us comes from another culture and tradition, eurythmy and our humanness connects us. Each person’s unique interest and impulse could be felt during our 4th year individual presentation on a chosen theme. The themes were: Geometry in Pedagogy, Astrology, ‘The 12 Moods’ verses from Rudolf Steiner, different languages, the movement of the soul between polarities and Alchemy. We have been stepping over boundaries and we are going through a process which brings us in a new connection with ourselves, each other and the world. We are learning about the heart, head and hands and how these can be worked with, shared, in life, through eurythmy.

We will visit nature and stone circles on our way where we can have a conversation, a giving and receiving to the earth, the ether, to the past, to the future. We have been invited by care-homes, schools, theatres and anthroposophical centres.

We are looking forward to meeting you and sharing our tales, our music with you! Our elemental, colourful programme will be with silent celtic forms, Limericks, The Rune of the Four Winds by Fiona Macload, A Hymn to Orpheus, modern lyrical poems, a Grimms tale about The Pack of Raggamuffins and music by Bach, Beethoven, Rachmaninof and Debussy and an Irish Song.

We will visit:

20th May 2019: Raheen Wood Steiner School, Ireland - morning and evening

24th May: Glencraig Camphill, Northern Ireland - evening

27th May: Edinburgh Steiner School - morning and evening

29th May: Merlin Theatre Sheffield - evening

1st June: Rudof Steiner House London - evening

2nd and 3rd June: South Devon Steiner School - evening and morning

4th June: Wynstones Steiner school - morning and evening


All welcome! Tickets available at the door, £7, £5 concessions.

For more information, please contact Raphael Seefried: